Azi Drilling Ltd. is a family-owned and operated in Northwestern Ontario.

With over 25 years of experience, we are the preferred choice in a drilling contractor because of our extensive knowledge of the area and its drilling conditions, superior equipment and a level of service that is second to none within our industry.

We specialize in contract diamond drilling & minerals exploration services with safety being the top priority in everything we do.

We are a responsible steward of the environment and are always looking for new innovations to help sustain our industry. The experience and commitment we bring not only help us deliver results, but also adds value to the projects and their resource.

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About Us

We have based our business around providing superior service, offering problem-solving solutions, and operating with transparency. We think of our clients as a partner, their projects' success is our success.

While we have years of experience operating in Northern Ontario, we have the capability and technical knowledge to provide services across Canada, South America and Europe.

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Our Mission

The mission is to create strong relationships built on trust, consistency and transparency with our clients. These successful two-way partnerships will come from the values we operate under. We will identify and build the best team possible allowing us to leverage our combined expertise and complete even the most challenging projects.

Our Values

  • Create a work culture based on trust and respect.
  • Promote, advance and progress our employees.
  • Ensure that working safely is always the top priority.
  • Protect the resources by being stewards to the environment.
  • Learn by way of listening and be accountable for your actions.

Our Drills

Azi’s drilling equipment has an industry proven history of being very dependable, safe, and lightweight. We operate Multi Power Drills, Zinex Mining Drills and Macon Industry Products.

Discovery 1 Drill

Discovery I and II

Our Discovery I drill was developed for remote fly in projects. These drills can be broken down into light weight loads which allow for easy and efficient helicopter or fixed wing moves. Our D1 is capable of drilling to depths of 900m with BQ and 700m with NQ2 with no one component exceeding 1100lbs.
Our Discovery II drill is the big brother to our D1. This machine has been proven throughout the world to be reliable, consistent and productive. Our is powered by a Cat C6 engine that produces 250hp allowing us to drill down to depths of over 1000m with HQ and 1500m with NQ2.
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A5 1

The A5®

The A5® is one of the most recognized diamond core drills worldwide. Now with over 400 units in service, it's proven itself in every country in which mineral exploration is conducted, from the deserts of Sudan and jungles of Columbia to here at home in Canada. The drill has deep hole capabilities but is also simple to break apart and reassemble for fly projects. It easily mounts into a shack with rod handler capabilities making it one of the most versatile drills in the industry.

Our Services

  • Diamond Drilling Services (Skid & Fly) for mineral exploration mining companies.
  • Core Sizes We Provide: BQ, NQ2 and HQ.
  • Core Orientation and Closed Loop water management projects.
  • Geotechnical Drilling and remote soil investigation programs.
  • Greenfield Exploration Trenching.
  • By-Pass wedging and Core Barrel Configuration programs.
  • Road Building, Pad Building, Camp Building, and Ice monitoring/making.
  • Hauling and Logistics Planning.
  • Drill Core storage facilities.
  • Core Cutting and transportation.
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Our Support Equipment

  • Dozers and Skidders for drill moves and road building.
  • Excavator for trenching, sump and road building.
  • Bombardier track units for winter hauling and road maintenance.
  • Tundra Ski-Doo’s for winter programs.
  • 4X4 pick-up trucks for crew transportation and delivering drill core.
  • Polaris Ranger Side by Sides for muddy or sensitive areas.
  • Bunk trailers and Shower units for remote camps.
  • Gooseneck, flat deck and Cargo trailers to deliver gear.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be a positive contributing factor in the ever-growing demand for world sustainability. We will accomplish this by providing our clients with a superior drilling service backed by the best equipment in the industry creating less environmental impact. We will add value and create a beneficial relationship for all of our employees and the communities we work in.


We use a Paramount Centrifuge system to reduce the environmental impact of our drilling operations. It significantly reduces water consumption (by up to 90%) and reduces the drilling fluid additives required.
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This is the most important part of our business. Being a family owned and operated company, we understand the importance and responsibility entrusted upon us to ensure all our employees have the tools and knowledge they need to operate safely. Our safety culture includes open communication, daily safety meetings, and our pre-check policy before we begin our workdays/nights.

Drilling Software

Azi Drilling operates under the Krux Platform. This tool allows us and the client a better understand what is going on in the field in real time. It’s a time saving resource that allows us to track costs and make smarter decisions. The analytic dashboard it provides is truly a game changer when it comes to improving production and lower overall costs. It also ensures we are operating within our mission which is to be consistent and transparent with our clients.

Crews, Training and Development

Our crews' training and development is something we take seriously, we want our employees to be confident in their abilities. This starts with training. The training requirements and progress is monitored by a digital action tracking system, this gives us a clear picture of where the employee is at. From the office to the field, progression is success. Our culture here is to always continue development and promote within the group.

Uptime and Equipment Maintenance Programs

Our commitment to all our clients is that we will have enough parts and spares onsite to manage any mechanical failures that may occur. We all know they happen but when you are as prepared as we are, long periods of downtime are never a facture.


We carry a $5,000,000.00 liability policy along with $2,000,00.00 auto liability insurance.

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